Farewell, my good friend

It is supposed to be a night packed with some personal errands. But all these take a back burner, when I learn of the news of a friend’s passing, and incidentally via Facebook. I cannot believe myself. I have thought he was just tagged in a condolence posting expressed to someone else. The reality soon sets in as I see an unusual stream of condolence postings on his Facebook wall.


Simon, myself and Karsoon

Our first interaction started way back in 2003. We have a common passion in cars. I was driving a Volkswagen and he driving an Audi. We love to “personalise” our ride. We hit it off immediately with something common and he is always there whenever you need his help or advise, especially with his calm composure and analytical balance thinking. Our friendship took a cooling off as we have our own priorities, but we continue to stay in contact via email and subsequently via Facebook. We met for a lunch a few years ago, we had a good catch up, reminiscing the past and talk about the current.  I promised that we should do it more often, but the next meeting did not materialize.

Just last week, I read some of his Facebook updates, and have wanted to tell him that he looks good and we should have a catch up soon. But not knowing when I can commit the meet up, I procrastinated and now I regret.

12 years ago, when another dear friend was called home by God, I told myself how we cannot take things for granted, and we need to cherish the people around us. I have obviously not learnt that lesson, and am now blaming myself for not taking that step forward. It is a darn shitty feeling. Words cannot describe how I feel now, and more importantly, the loss of a good friend.

All I can only do now, is to quietly pray for his glorious journey home.

Rest in peace, Simon.

Power of internet

Sometimes you wonder what happens if there’s no internet.

Over the weekend, my Saab 93’s pinch protection system went out of calibration. The driver’s window would not wind up fully as a result. I went through the driver’s manual, and all it says was how could one temporarily override the pinch protection.

So I thought maybe I should just google for an answer, but as usual, there’s alot of irrelevant search results, plus some of the solutions posted were not effective.

In the end, it took a combination of google search plus some intelligence (erh-hm)  to get the issue fixed.

1. First remove the fuse to the door control model (for the door where the window is problematic). The fuse can be accessible either from the side of the dashboard (for driver and front passenger doors) or  rear boot (for the rear passenger doors). In my case, it’s the driver door, and it’s the fuse #15 I need to take out.

2. Wait for a minute or so before plugging the fuse back. This is to ensure that the memory of the control module is totally erased. Otherwise, you will find that the pinch protection remains out of calibrated.

3. Once the fuse is put back, the memory of the door control module should be erased by now. So now it’s time to re-calibrate the door window again.

4. To calibrate the door window, press the window button to roll down the window completely, before rolling up the window again. Repeat again, and you should be able to hear a faint chime, indicating that the recalibration is successful.

Blink Blink with power

Yes I’m bored again, and my head was spinning with some new ideas over the weekend, on how to enhance the usability of my recent new found toy.


Sometimes, you wonder if Microsoft really knows what they are doing when they build their version of mobile phone platform.  Case in point; They created the LED notification ability so that users can still be alerted on missed events such as unread SMS or missed call after a period of time (from 5 minutes to indefinitely), and yet the LED stops blinking 1 minute after the event happens.

Thinking that I could overcome this “shortcoming” easily with a little utility, I realized it is not as easy as it appears to be.

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unexpected addition of new ‘kwell’ gadget – MOTO-Q9H

It was quite a week for me for the last 7 days, just after my birthday.

After a hectic week of night teleconference,s I was greeted by a rude theft shock. One of the lost item was my favourite Palm Treo 500v, which I have sung praises on it despite the mediocre product specifications.

As a matter of fact, for the last 3 weeks, I have been thinking the new Motorola Q9H. There was however no really strong reason for me to change given my wonderful Treo 500v. But now there is, though not something I would have expected or wanted.

So while I was looking around for a new replacement, Q9H certainly topped in my radar list. The sight of iPAQ 900/600 is still fictional, so really my choices were rather limited, based on my personal buying critieras; ASUS 530W, Motorola Q9H, Samsung I600 or simply go back to Palm Treo 500v. 

Not that the Treo is a lousy one, just that getting back another Treo 500v may not excite me like a new toy would.  I can’t bring myself to fork out another few hundred dollars on exactly the same gadget that I have been using for the last 4 months. If I have to spend, I must let myself know explicitly that I got a new toy right?

I finally managed to get my hand on the Q9H. The buying experience was a saga though, but I shall not digress any further since what it matters now most is the toy itself. Continue reading