Blog undergoing some revamp

Decided to upgrade the blog to the latest version (wordpress 2.2.1) , and at the same time, refresh the look and feel with something more personalised. The blog appearance is still work-in-progress as we speak, although it’s adopted from an existing theme from WP-design.

If you find the site alittle messy (especially the photo gallery site which is co-hosted by, please bare with me for awhile, as I try to put on my creativity hat to work on the site design.

 Akan Datang … I hope the end result will be a good one.

4 thoughts on “Blog undergoing some revamp

  1. I think there’s a couple of free wordpress host around if you don’t want to spent time and effort on the setup (I have my own host, so I install the wordpress myself)

    wordpress has import tools that allows you to migrate from one blog to another. The most simplest way to import is RSS, which will retain your post content, links, comments, etc.

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