Dark side of “Pet Warehouse” further exposed

A few days ago, I blogged about my experience with what I called a “Pet Warehouse”, on how they carried out the sales, and equally if not more importantly, how my Corgi puppy had seemingly traumatized by the short stay at the “warehouse” (but thankfully he had since recovered)

I received a few responses, and was shocked by how other had experienced the same with the said “Pet Warehouse”, with some even worst. I thought I would share some of these responses, so you can see the severity of the issue we are facing today.


last mth i went to pasir ris dog farm and walk into EPW and saw this beautiful boxer.. and ask them how much is the price… they told me he is cost 9.5k.. so i back off once they try to force selling the puppy.. and just walk away… that very same day i went to nex PS, they too have a boxer and cost cheaper to half price of the price at EPW.. i was so shock… and one of my friend GT just died after bring him home 5 days from EPW… but cos he did not pay the so called insurance thing.. so he get nothing back but a word of so sorry to hear that…

– Maureen


We got our corgi from there too!!!

The standing guy with dyed hair sold him to us. His change in attitude was equally horrifying when he realized that we only bought a few of the food he STRONGLY suggested. I can’t remember how much we got our corgi but it was around 3k plus. (My brother settled the payment.) We brought him home immediately and when he arrived home, he slurped 4bowls of water nonstop! Gosh, he was so thirsty!

After that, he came down with demodex but thankfully he recovered after medication. Now we feed the best vitamins we can for him to boost him immune system.

One of the reasons we got him because he looked pretty quiet and lonely in the cubicle.. But he was never once like this since we bought him home. He is extremely playful and active. Hmm.

– Eunice


Oh dear.. I heard of alot of bad rumours about them but this is the furst time I read about a 1st hand experience! Luckily cody is with you guys.. If not some weak minded individual might have gotten hom on impulse!

My Estee was from Ericsson by her previous owner too.. When I adopted her over, She contracted Lymphoma at the age of 3 and it is an extremely rare case.

From what I read from the web, lymphoma is a genetic diseases so maybe her parents were not of good health but made to breed and breed.

– Lynn

thanks for sharing the article… Lucky you got Cody home in time and taken good care.. My 1st dog from the “Warehouse” was not so lucky.. I can share a few pics with you of my 1st dog that i bought home then at nite got very sick and died the next morning..

The vet said was amoeba virus, then i brought her back to EPW the next morning, she died there after EPW’s vet came over to look.

Alot of us strongly believed she was put to sleep…
Hence why i strongly urge people in here not to buy from them because I do not want anyone to suffer what i had been through while getting my 1st dog… My tears even flow now when i type this coz this is the worst 1st experience anyone can get when getting a dog and bring home dead the next day…
– Jeffrey

Hmm, was abit surprised to see this topic here. I agree that EPW is a horrible place to get pets, the living conditions there before how they currently look like now was really bad. And there have been many sick cases from the puppies and often leave the owners very helpless.

i do advice my friends who want to get pets, not to go there though – all along! But the dogs and cats there are really poor thing..sigh

– Felicia

This has been going on for long times. I had the same experience with Jeffery and that was 16 years ago. It just happened every now and than but their business still grow strong. The poor little corgi puppy stayed one nite in my hse and 7 days in hospital than passed away. Till now did’t know what was the cause but I later found out the same batch of puppies( all other breeds) that came together , many died too. i always remember that puppy, he was so smart and obedient. He can do sit stay and wait without lease, the only day happy memory we spend together enough for me to reminisc for life.

– Amy

 i got koji from EPW too… he cost close to 4k… n like described, about insurance, pedigree cert n all, i was faced with the same thing!

– Alicia

We din go back to them regards to Miko’s demodex Mites. But there was once, we happened to passby there for the dog run , Miko stayed very still in my arms , could feel her trembling, she looked ard in fear and she tot we were returning her back to the horrible place of her life …

– Val

A Revelation of a Pet “Warehouse”

It has been more than a year since we have gotten Cody from a “pet farm” located somewhere in Singapore. I figured I should shared our story (about our dealings with the farm) so that more people will be more aware about the dark side of the pet industry. I first blogged about our experience privately, sharing with a small group of pet owners. The responses can be categorized into two camps. One camp was shocked by the experience, although most if not all had heard similar unethical practices, just that they did not hear it from somebody who had experienced it first hand. The other camp could relate to our experience because they had undergone similar trauma with the same said farm! There was no doubters, and the responses propelled me to publicize our story, for greater exposure of such unscrupulous practices. Continue reading