Reminiscence of the old days

Time flies. All it takes is for one to pause for a moment, to realize that.

I had wanted to convert all the hard copies of my old film photos into digital form, for a long time.  All this while I had been dragging my feet on this, because I know it will be a tedious scanning process given hundreds of photos I had on hand. Yesterday, I decided to start the conversion process, as I know it is just a matter of time, and sometimes you just need that cranked start …

Then I come across some of the photos taken in 1999. Taken just slightly less than a decade, I realize we appeared to be much more happier then. And looking at some of the photos, I rediscover a lot of things, why Kang has always been my favorite nephew, why I was attracted to yeez, etc.

Those were the days.


 Photos scanned into the album 1999 Family and Friends Gathering Album

A short escapade to Bintan

This was probably the first time Yeez and myself had an holiday with Kang & Ray (and their parents of course, our sister and brother-in-law) so we were naturally very excited.

The ferry ride was a non-event (thank godness!), sea was not choppy and we got ourselves a good seating arrangement, all thanks to Kang’s “leadership” in getting the good seats reserved! So finally we arrived at Bintan Lagoon Resort, which is about 10 mins bus ride away from the ferry terminal, I had to say it had not changed since the first time I came to the resort 10 years ago. Still, it was a different experience given that this was the first time we spent with our nephews in the resort. Continue reading

Darren’s creativity

My first muppetLooking at the beauty and creativity of a child, it makes one envy how innocent and pure they are. They make what they see and feel, not interfered by any other happenings, politics, etc that lingers in the air for an adult. The child innocence is so beautiful and really worth to treasure… here are some creative pieces that Darren my godson has created.

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Alfred 1st birthday bash

1st July 2007. That’s 365 days since Chuan’s little Alfred first arrived into this world.


Such a cute, adorable little boy, how can the grand uncles/aunties and uncles/aunties not want to celebrate his first birthday bash?

Took some photos and video of the event, and here’s a compilation of the video taken. Enjoy!

Photos can be found in this album.