June Holiday excursion with Kang & Ray

We brought Kang & Ray (along with mum) to Sentosa for a day excurison. I’m sured the kids were enjoying themselves, afterall, Ray said and I quote here; ‘This is the best day of the year’ 😀

We started off with some Wii games at Kang & Ray’s home first.


 Then we set off to Sentosa, where we enjoyed 4D cinemax movie and go-kart ride at Imbiah Hill. Had a tour of Skytower ride and lunch before some interesting experience at the Wondergolf.


It was too hot for our liking, and the minigolf course was quite a run-down, that we decided to retreat for a bowling game instead.


The kids then had a good shower-up at our place before dinner at Farrer Road hawker centre. The downside of the day was a puncture tire as a result of reversing into a curb! paid a big bomb for replacing the tires (all 4 since the tires are due for replacement soon) but considering how the kids had enjoyed their day, it’s worthwhile afterall 😉


NB: All photos are uploaded into this album

Kang & Ray @ Changi Airport

Kang & Ray went to Changi Airport today to fetch their mum who returned home from a business trip. Took some photos, and videos, and my first home video production attempt!

More photos can be viewed here

Here’s my first home video production attempt 😀


A football game

After going down with a flu for 4 days, I was ‘invited’ for a football game with the kids and yeez took some video of us in action. Ray and Kang were so adamant that we should play the entire field, when there were just … 4 of us? (both of them plus myself and their dad) Oh my god, kids sure have plenty of energy to expend, and I wasn’t sure if I can even last 5 minutes, let alone covering the whole field. In the end, we settled for half the field size, although the make-shift goal post (since we can’t shift the goal post to the centre of the field) got smaller and nearer, as the game progressed on!

Oh yes .. who’s the one screaming in the background? 😀 😛

Part 1 of video – checkout the exclusive interview with Ray


Part 2 of video – again check out our youngest star on the field … on how he ‘tread’ on the grass …


My unlucky day

Today was an unlucky day… last day of school…
saw vice-principal coming… then see discipline master also…
wth… how can double-cross these people??

then after school Discipline master knock on bus door…
make me like scrapgoat… got the msg..
but just dunno why da Auntie just Irritate me everydae…
she so confident her side will win..

ahh nvm… today Darien and Andru bought Teng jun to bus…
he doesn’t even care about me… let alone my friend…
i decided…. he doesn’t reallly wanna be my friend….
myself give away this friendship….

Can you believe that even if i switch on the air con vent…
the auntie will nag? she is such a pain in the neck…
no one listens to my part to the story…
the adults always wins as the hero….

Anyway… not to get much stress,
i want to end this post…
see ya!! and have a hapii holiidae

Trip to Science Centre … with Kang & Ray

Open SeasonOn 22nd December 2006, Yeez and myself brought Kang & Ray out, for the first time. We went to Science Centre, to catch the movie “Open Season” at its Omni Theatre. The kids, were very excited, just as Yeez and myself.



We took a few photos, and they can be view from this gallery (password is the same as what you use to access this blog post)



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