My unlucky day

Today was an unlucky day… last day of school…
saw vice-principal coming… then see discipline master also…
wth… how can double-cross these people??

then after school Discipline master knock on bus door…
make me like scrapgoat… got the msg..
but just dunno why da Auntie just Irritate me everydae…
she so confident her side will win..

ahh nvm… today Darien and Andru bought Teng jun to bus…
he doesn’t even care about me… let alone my friend…
i decided…. he doesn’t reallly wanna be my friend….
myself give away this friendship….

Can you believe that even if i switch on the air con vent…
the auntie will nag? she is such a pain in the neck…
no one listens to my part to the story…
the adults always wins as the hero….

Anyway… not to get much stress,
i want to end this post…
see ya!! and have a hapii holiidae


Okay… i’m back from CNY holidays…
CNY was so fun… i wish got 15 days of holiday…
just wishing.. no offence…

CNY Chu-yi(Chinese) was very good… extra hong baos…
lols not actually lah… little bit… but who cares?
Chu-yi is FUN !!!

Actually… CNY is about getting Hong baos…
Just kidding… CNY is a occasion where you can ..
Have Fun Everyday!!

okay… enough ’bout CNY…
How are you guys??
Please Give me your blessings for CNY,
Thank you.

Let me say gong xi fa cai to all of you!!

your Best Buddy

banned one week from comp

i was banned one week from comp. never mind.

actually i wanna tell you about today… 26/1/07.

I reached school at : 7.29 50 seconds.

then, it started raining.
disipline master says: hey, your NYPS Students.
So you must sing the anthem,School song, Pledge,
No matter where you are. rain, or thunderstorm.

how can he say that? we are like so … Wet….
he doesn’t CARE!!

ruthless lah… all gotta stand in the rain…
hey… tell ya guys a secret.

the girls say that the rain is heavy but it is like : only 600 drops every…
secs? omg … i got see heavier rain bfore.
then later… recess…

I play in da rain. who cares?
as long can play, who will care?

ok… see ya guys… post more if got bttr things.. 😦

Krabi holiday(2)(2)

back wif more!

3rd day
we went snorkeling at the corners of Koh Lanta and others.
wow!! many coloured fishies!!!

we woke up at 7.15 and went down for breakfye(term for breakfast)

and then we went aboard a ship called “Lanta Princess.

MOUNTAINS!! AMAZING!! it was like 200 meters tall!!! we only swam at the bottom.. it’s okay… then the fun began. the 3rd place was at a cave.. inside was a enclosed enclosure… but i didn’t really go in… so this all i can say… LOLS.. then we went a beach.. ate lunch… not bad… rice with mixed vegetables wif green curry and a pepsi twist small bottle !!! not bad liao!!

then went a place no boundaries…. finally after 6 hours of talking into wearing a mask.. i finally wore it!! wow!! i am lucky!!! this place has a lot of corals!!

i went back hotel room and played for the rest of the day… not forgeting the small swimming pool (Very Very Xtra small)

4th day
it’s tyme to go back singapore… so first we go for a elephant ride…

wow it takes 1hr and they show you their plantations!!
Not bad for a day…
then the photos that they took 300 baht each (about $15-20) oh…
we bought two… memories ^.^

then we went back to singapore. The End!!!


Krabi holiday(2)

ok… time to say about My holiday at Krabi…

1st day
went there by airplane..
Budget terminal… so we sit Tiger Airways..
then sit bus… went 2 times car ferry…
about 3 hrs from airport to hotel…
Cause at Koh Lanta..
Reached there about nine o’clock…
quite Tired…Checked in the hotel
Then after that we just went down and ate dinner…
not nice the food…

2nd day
went down eat breakfast..
Wow… French toast quite Nice…
Although the rest was not nice…
i kept my words.

We checked out the Beach in the hotel view..
OMG… So many rockies…
don’t know why and i don’t care

We went swimming not long after.
then after guess what we did?
we went to a beach called Klrong Nin Beach..
It’s fine.. no rockies..

went to play in the water Wif Waves for like 2.5-3 hrs.
then go and eat at a Beach “Restaurant”
food Suks…. I Wish got better food quality…
Father ate Phad Thai…

After that checked out the beach..
Wow!! have volleyball on the ground…
played like half an hour…
then left for a shop…

Wah!! Kia Si Lang!!(In Hokkien) So EXPENSIVE!!!
1 bouncy ball cost 250 Baht($8 Sing)
Not Cheap leh…

at night went to a restaurant…
quite nice food…
Really good…
even got viewing…

1st two… i gonna blog
another 2 days in a few minutes…

See ya!!

Bloggers Alike

Krabi holiday

Yea…. i’m Going to Krabi!! It’s Located at Phuket, Thailand.
It’s cool going there…. first time…

Good news is that we’re Gonna have Fun wif 4 days There!! now isn’t That Cool?

bad news is 60% we will have to stay in the hotel ……

Isn’t that bad?

Very long since i blogged..
maybe the christmas so ..
i’ll try to blog more when i come back..

ok … got to go… going krabi tomorrow..
see ya guys!!

Bloggers alike.

bloggers alike

Hello! guess i should tell you.
I got a Christmas tree!
Very Pretty Wif alot of deco’s

Green colour… bought it at Concourse 1st lvl…
it’s 6 Ft… $58…
First we thought Cheap..

So angry lehz..

So Anyway… The Deco’s Cost at least $100! wow i thought,
Deco’s So much money??
by the way the concourse Pizza Hut very… Grand so we thought..
go there eat also no offence… then after that went home..
better home than shopping mall..
listening to Lee Hom song now….
Who is he?? okay… signing off! Bye bye
Bloggers Alike
Ps:This is Lee Hom

What?!!! soccer so Tiring..

yup.. you guessed it.
i’m in the School soccer team..
but i haven’t got anywhere yet..

Wonder what it would be if one day i could be a striker and shoot in the what-ya-called-it

you gotta Imagine If the ball hits you on the face.. what you would do..
And bla bla bla.

Okay.enough About Soccer.
How many of you have believed Santa is alive?
Well i sure do.

Last Year…
When i was sleeping
Santa Dropped in and gave me a Dinosaur CD!

Maybe that was my imagination but..
I C0ULD Bet ya Somebody put it there…
maybe my parents..

So How many People nowadays like Chinese SINGERS?
Well i sure do…

Is it one of those young generation singers?
It could be if you listen to them…
They ROCK!

Let me tell you my Favourite singers

1.欧得洋(Ocean ou De Yang)
2.王力宏(wang lee hom)
3.林俊杰(Lin Jun Jie)

Okay… Can’t blog for too long..
mother scolding..

see ya!! bye!!

bloggers alike,

Holidays are so-oo good!!

Ahh… Nvr blog for so long…
forgive me.. please…

oh… how time flies… holidays after a year…
how i love these days…
just that got banned from MaPlEsToRy so…
okay lah.. still bored..

December liao~~~
Don’t know whether going holidaes or not…
hmm… maybe planning for SeNtOsA..
Yea… that is the resort again…

But i can’t complain either…
my father just opened a company wif 2 other people
Sigh… i’ll tell you the name later on..

Also have School team soccer training during holidaes…
Wah… very boring…
have to stand and play and control ball at same time..
I guess soccer is quite hard… maybe?

also got chinese camp…
oh how i hate it…
but still have to go despite what kinda wierd Chinese Camp izzit..

so any place to go???

Any Questions abt my blog pls email or msg me(I’m online most of the time)

if i’m not online… please msg to me…

and the title is ‘Maple-silverstar Blog’


Last day of school

oh yes! after today i need not go to school! Holidays so late but still,
i am so happy!
Finally after 1 year… i will become a P4 after the holidays!
Good for me though…

today was a good day…
And not-so-good day.

Today we played all day long..
so good…
but teacher not good..

Ms.G gave us a party Pak
which includes a Twisties(Only)
and… ok… we go play catching…
Teacher came and Scold us…
never mind…

teacher let us go at 1.14…
so good right?
i came home feeling sad bcause
i may not see my frends again..

Signing off,