Ferrari F50 critics from TopGear

This time round, TopGear's Jeremey tried Ferrari F50, which did considerably well when pitted against a F1 racing car. But somehow it still did not impressed the driver, and even think that whoever buys it will put it in museum.

I guess his parting statement "Give me the less inspiring and cheaper Ferrari 355 anything" tells so much about his disappointment on this power machine.

TopGear compares Aston Martin VanquishS against Ferrari F575

TopGear's Jeremey shared his thought after driving Aston Martin VanquishS, which includes a back to back test with Ferrari F575 GT, on century sprint, braking power, and drivability.

Despite F575 GT outshone VanquishS in all test compartments, both the test drivers prefer Aston Martin, for its character. Well, I tend to agree with them, since if power is the main differentiator for purchase, there are better underdogs.  But give me either car anyway, if you ask me today…

Topgear discovers Landrover

Topgear Jeremey did another first by driving the 2.7 tonnes Dissel powered Landrover Discovery to the summit of a Scottish mountain, standing 1007 feet above sea level, going through the difficult terrains. The computerised gear differential system adopt the appropiate settings when the driver tell the onboard computer on the type of terrain he is driving on, just by some turns of button knobs. With some challenges, the Landrover Discovery managed to reach the summit, which no car had managed to achieve the feat, yet.