Upgraded Blog … Zen-style Design

zenyee new bloghand was too itchy and end up upgrading the blog (when I could live with the older version) and changing the look and feel. I had always wanted to keep the site as plain as possible, but the thought of adding abit of personalisation is an temptation that I couldn’t resist.

Had wanted to pick up my pen to draw, but end up doing some photography. The result, is what you see now. Not entirely happy though, but at least this time round I did my own photography (of my daily staples) for part of the site design.

Believe me or not, I am looking for new hosting site again, although it’s not a top priority right now since my email provider runbox currently offers me free hosting service. I have been using runbox since 2002. Back then, free email services such as Yahoo.com or hotmail were already prevalent. But I needed a long term option, which means big storage space (not those 10MB free mail space type!), reliable, etc. Runbox offer back then was very attractive, 100MB of email space at a token (less than $20 USD a year). Continue reading

Blog undergoing some revamp

Decided to upgrade the blog to the latest version (wordpress 2.2.1) , and at the same time, refresh the look and feel with something more personalised. The blog appearance is still work-in-progress as we speak, although it’s adopted from an existing theme from WP-design.

If you find the site alittle messy (especially the photo gallery site which is co-hosted by fotki.com), please bare with me for awhile, as I try to put on my creativity hat to work on the site design.

 Akan Datang … I hope the end result will be a good one.