Notif Blinker … blinks to your attention

Following the Bluetooth notification hack that I did few years ago for my previous iPAQ 6965, I created another “hack” last week to overcome the notification deficiency in my new Samsung i780. Well not exactly a hack, more like a workaround to keep the LED blinking when the phone attempts to get into sleep mode. Continue reading

A “Three-Star”gadget rated higher than three star

Samsung launched its flagship qwerty product, Samsung SGH-i78,0 a couple of months ago and it has been the talking point in the “geek” town. Having tried its previous qwerty models, I had my reservation. The impressive technical specification and corresponding internet reviews, however led me to take a huge step. I finally sold my trusty Motorola Q9h and got myself a Samsung i780. So is this ultra slim Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smart phone liveing up to its reputation? After using it for a few days, here’s my take;

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