Kervin & Katherine’s Wedding Offline Video Snippets

Kervin & Katherine finally tied their wedding knots on the 27th October 2007.

It was indeed a joyous occassion, and while they had professional photographers and videographer to capture their precious moments on this special occasion, yeez and I had our own share of video & photo-capturing some wedding activities such as the night before the big day, cutting of the suckling pig, post wedding bash, wedding game, etc.

Here’s the 15 mins compilation of the snippets. Continue reading

‘Raw Gang’ warming up Chia Fong’s new home

That’s what you call a housewarming, right?

Raw gang, is none other than people in this caricature drawing, plus myself.

It was a housewarming gathering for Chia Fong and Moi Shang’s new home @ Savanah, and we had a great time catching up. We also went to the estate’s bowling alley (so it’s the real one!, not the Wii type as I had originally thought it was). The bowling session ended up as a ‘mini-kiddo championship’ as the 2 kids (Gregory and Yoyo) were so captivated by the game that they practically take possession of the entire bowling lane by themselves.


Hope we have indeed warmed up our raw gang member’s new home. It was a fantastic Saturday evening filled with joys and laughters. Surely this must be the one of those ‘ROTFL’ moments;


 Took some photos as well. They can be access from this album

Feels good …

HandshakePhysically I’m drained after being down with a nasty flu and am still trying to recover from it. But what makes me feel better, despite the bitter medication and the blocked nose, is that I think the relationship with one of our neighbours have gone in the positive direction.

It was a long story, and I don’t think it’s appropiate for me to say who’s wrong, and who’s not here. Beside, that’s history and there’s no point raking it up again. Regardless, the misunderstanding has definitely strained the otherwise cheerful relationship which was built during the time when we were fighting together against our house developer. I guess the philosophy – “Effective communication starts with finding overlapping objectives among the communicators” has found a good case study here.

Nevertheless, I ‘m happy that we had our first handshake that day, after so many months (and years), and we greeted and parted with smiling faces. That make my day … anytime.