My Linux box almost one decade and a half later

I remembered when I was at college about 15 years ago, I had a taste of installing a Linux operating system in my trusty 386 PC,  I think with just about 4MB RAM?  I recalled the exhilarated feeling when I first saw the geeky administrator login prompt.

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we got a robot to clean our house

Came across iRobot Roomba many years back, and were impressed by its ability then. Had recommended to many friends but I had been procrastinating to get one myself. Finally, I got it last week, while on business trip to Houston. Told myself, I need to be incentivised myself despite the 28 hours flight trip, so I bidded one at ebay for $260 USD, hand carried it back home! Continue reading

PS: thee shall PS-three

So I had been procastinating from a game console purchase since Xbox 360 first launched in the market 2 years ago. And really for two good reasons; First, I am not a fanatic gamer, or rather I have no spare time to indulge myself in gaming. For the last 4 years, the fact that I only have a handful game titles (Winning Eleven, Fifa 2006, and a very old version of Project Gotham Racing) for my old Xbox console, probably sumed it all. Secondly, I have been wanting to assess if a game console like Xbox 360, can double up as a media extender for my home media network, which I had implemented 3 years ago. Having a rather space-constraining TV console, it means I can’t just add another console equipment without taking out existing ones.

So I procastinated, until  a week ago.

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