Notif Blinker … blinks to your attention

Following the Bluetooth notification hack that I did few years ago for my previous iPAQ 6965, I created another “hack” last week to overcome the notification deficiency in my new Samsung i780. Well not exactly a hack, more like a workaround to keep the LED blinking when the phone attempts to get into sleep mode. Continue reading

Blink Blink with power

Yes I’m bored again, and my head was spinning with some new ideas over the weekend, on how to enhance the usability of my recent new found toy.


Sometimes, you wonder if Microsoft really knows what they are doing when they build their version of mobile phone platform.  Case in point; They created the LED notification ability so that users can still be alerted on missed events such as unread SMS or missed call after a period of time (from 5 minutes to indefinitely), and yet the LED stops blinking 1 minute after the event happens.

Thinking that I could overcome this “shortcoming” easily with a little utility, I realized it is not as easy as it appears to be.

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