Q9h chinese revelation

In my last review of Motorola Q9h, I lamented about how Motorola (to be fair, quite a number of Windows Mobile Phone makers as well) could have launched a device without appropiate chinese input method editor (IME) in a multi-racial countries like Singapore.

 Wrote in to Motorola customer service department before, and as expected, I was given excuses like “We do not support third party software” or “None of our Q9h comes with chinese IME”, etc.

Hello? You mean Motorola is not interested at all in the North Asia Market? Plus, I was told that in Hong Kong, they do sell Q9h that supports chinese input. So the official reply, like all other official replies I get elsewhere, is just crap.

Recently, I “come across” a Q9h, which evidently dismiss the claim by Motorola that there isn’t a Q9h that supports chinese IME out of the box. Let’s just say I am 100% sure that the Q9h that I come across, is 100% stock and has no additional software installed.

Incidentally, the software is developed by GuoBi (国笔科技有限公司), the same company that partners with various phone manufacturers in the world for chinese input function, and the same software can be found in Q9h predecessor, Q8. 😉

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unexpected addition of new ‘kwell’ gadget – MOTO-Q9H

It was quite a week for me for the last 7 days, just after my birthday.

After a hectic week of night teleconference,s I was greeted by a rude theft shock. One of the lost item was my favourite Palm Treo 500v, which I have sung praises on it despite the mediocre product specifications.

As a matter of fact, for the last 3 weeks, I have been thinking the new Motorola Q9H. There was however no really strong reason for me to change given my wonderful Treo 500v. But now there is, though not something I would have expected or wanted.

So while I was looking around for a new replacement, Q9H certainly topped in my radar list. The sight of iPAQ 900/600 is still fictional, so really my choices were rather limited, based on my personal buying critieras; ASUS 530W, Motorola Q9H, Samsung I600 or simply go back to Palm Treo 500v. 

Not that the Treo is a lousy one, just that getting back another Treo 500v may not excite me like a new toy would.  I can’t bring myself to fork out another few hundred dollars on exactly the same gadget that I have been using for the last 4 months. If I have to spend, I must let myself know explicitly that I got a new toy right?

I finally managed to get my hand on the Q9H. The buying experience was a saga though, but I shall not digress any further since what it matters now most is the toy itself. Continue reading