Power of internet

Sometimes you wonder what happens if there’s no internet.

Over the weekend, my Saab 93’s pinch protection system went out of calibration. The driver’s window would not wind up fully as a result. I went through the driver’s manual, and all it says was how could one temporarily override the pinch protection.

So I thought maybe I should just google for an answer, but as usual, there’s alot of irrelevant search results, plus some of the solutions posted were not effective.

In the end, it took a combination of google search plus some intelligence (erh-hm)  to get the issue fixed.

1. First remove the fuse to the door control model (for the door where the window is problematic). The fuse can be accessible either from the side of the dashboard (for driver and front passenger doors) or  rear boot (for the rear passenger doors). In my case, it’s the driver door, and it’s the fuse #15 I need to take out.

2. Wait for a minute or so before plugging the fuse back. This is to ensure that the memory of the control module is totally erased. Otherwise, you will find that the pinch protection remains out of calibrated.

3. Once the fuse is put back, the memory of the door control module should be erased by now. So now it’s time to re-calibrate the door window again.

4. To calibrate the door window, press the window button to roll down the window completely, before rolling up the window again. Repeat again, and you should be able to hear a faint chime, indicating that the recalibration is successful.

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