Upgraded Blog … Zen-style Design

zenyee new bloghand was too itchy and end up upgrading the blog (when I could live with the older version) and changing the look and feel. I had always wanted to keep the site as plain as possible, but the thought of adding abit of personalisation is an temptation that I couldn’t resist.

Had wanted to pick up my pen to draw, but end up doing some photography. The result, is what you see now. Not entirely happy though, but at least this time round I did my own photography (of my daily staples) for part of the site design.

Believe me or not, I am looking for new hosting site again, although it’s not a top priority right now since my email provider runbox currently offers me free hosting service. I have been using runbox since 2002. Back then, free email services such as Yahoo.com or hotmail were already prevalent. But I needed a long term option, which means big storage space (not those 10MB free mail space type!), reliable, etc. Runbox offer back then was very attractive, 100MB of email space at a token (less than $20 USD a year).

Over the years, storage has become dirt-cheap, and 100MB has becoming a common offering in most the free email services. runbox, in wanting to stay competitive against these free alternatives, offered 1G and subsequently 10G over the last 5 years. The latest offering of free web hosting is probably another of their game plan to stay in the market. Price has increased dramatically as well, which was the reason why I signed up a 3 year plan in 2005 to avoid the price hike. The price that I paid then in 2005 for the 3 year plan, is probably worth a one-year plan today!

Although now I have 10G worth of email space (20G if you considered that I signed up for yeez as well), I am not sure if I really need such big space. 1G is probably what I need and Google has now come out with a free alternative (Google App) that is probably what I need in reality. That prompted me to explore new options. But no hurry, since my current service contract will only run out in 2009.

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