unexpected addition of new ‘kwell’ gadget – MOTO-Q9H

It was quite a week for me for the last 7 days, just after my birthday.

After a hectic week of night teleconference,s I was greeted by a rude theft shock. One of the lost item was my favourite Palm Treo 500v, which I have sung praises on it despite the mediocre product specifications.

As a matter of fact, for the last 3 weeks, I have been thinking the new Motorola Q9H. There was however no really strong reason for me to change given my wonderful Treo 500v. But now there is, though not something I would have expected or wanted.

So while I was looking around for a new replacement, Q9H certainly topped in my radar list. The sight of iPAQ 900/600 is still fictional, so really my choices were rather limited, based on my personal buying critieras; ASUS 530W, Motorola Q9H, Samsung I600 or simply go back to Palm Treo 500v. 

Not that the Treo is a lousy one, just that getting back another Treo 500v may not excite me like a new toy would.  I can’t bring myself to fork out another few hundred dollars on exactly the same gadget that I have been using for the last 4 months. If I have to spend, I must let myself know explicitly that I got a new toy right?

I finally managed to get my hand on the Q9H. The buying experience was a saga though, but I shall not digress any further since what it matters now most is the toy itself. Continue reading