Yeez’s Sister Evelyn’s Birthday


Today is 4th May 2007, it’s sis birthday again. We went out to celebrate at Suntec. Jenkins is in USA then. Much to my godson’s (nephew) happiness, he quickly changed to his nice clothings as he rarely have chances to go out.

img_1179-vi.jpg  img_1186-vi.jpg  img_1173-vi.jpg

Time flies, he has grown so much taller. He’s still a bit scrawny of his size due to his weak body resistance and always fall ill.

img_1176-vi.jpg img_1174-vi.jpg

Now he’s much better and eat more. His favourite is still Soba noodles. Here are some photos taken at my mum’s place plus a day at Suntec.


“捞喜”二零零七, 老爸六十二大寿。

农历新年二零零七年的初二,正是老爸的六十二大寿。中午过后,我们为老爸庆祝生日,也同时与亲戚们(即大伯和四叔全家大小)一起“捞鱼生”。 “捞鱼生”, 广东俗称 “捞喜”,是新加坡华人庆祝农历新年许多习俗之一,代表了年年有余,风生水起的意识。



之后,我们一家到“燕阁”餐馆开了一个“私人派对”。大伙们一起一边享用十大美食,一边大唱”卡啦OK”。 永康和永瑞还唱得似模似样,简直是明日之星的小苗子呀!








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Ray celebrates his 5th birthday

Ray celebrated his 5th birthday at LittlePut, an indoor mini-golf facility near the now defunct Big Splash. Folks had a great time, with a wide spread of party food and playing 18 holes (mini-golf). The team who topped the ‘mini-golf championship‘  was none other than the big-n-small-boy team comprised of Yuan Zheng, Kang and Wei Liang.

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