Reminiscence of the old days

Time flies. All it takes is for one to pause for a moment, to realize that.

I had wanted to convert all the hard copies of my old film photos into digital form, for a long time.  All this while I had been dragging my feet on this, because I know it will be a tedious scanning process given hundreds of photos I had on hand. Yesterday, I decided to start the conversion process, as I know it is just a matter of time, and sometimes you just need that cranked start …

Then I come across some of the photos taken in 1999. Taken just slightly less than a decade, I realize we appeared to be much more happier then. And looking at some of the photos, I rediscover a lot of things, why Kang has always been my favorite nephew, why I was attracted to yeez, etc.

Those were the days.


 Photos scanned into the album 1999 Family and Friends Gathering Album

Darren’s creativity

My first muppetLooking at the beauty and creativity of a child, it makes one envy how innocent and pure they are. They make what they see and feel, not interfered by any other happenings, politics, etc that lingers in the air for an adult. The child innocence is so beautiful and really worth to treasure… here are some creative pieces that Darren my godson has created.

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June Holiday with Darren


We have not been to the Night Safari for ages. Wow! so much has changed. The only thing that did not change is that when you walk around, you either see an empty cage or the hind of the animal … haha….but as we took the tram, we get to see many types of animals awake and moving around. The ones we see are mostly nocturnal animals. The animal show is really good. Darren really enjoyed himself totally, until he got a fright at the animal show when the zoo keeper bang close the drain board to create some hype about a hidden python amongst the crowd.



 Well overall, we had good fun. Good to spend some time with family.

June Holiday excursion with Kang & Ray

We brought Kang & Ray (along with mum) to Sentosa for a day excurison. I’m sured the kids were enjoying themselves, afterall, Ray said and I quote here; ‘This is the best day of the year’ 😀

We started off with some Wii games at Kang & Ray’s home first.


 Then we set off to Sentosa, where we enjoyed 4D cinemax movie and go-kart ride at Imbiah Hill. Had a tour of Skytower ride and lunch before some interesting experience at the Wondergolf.


It was too hot for our liking, and the minigolf course was quite a run-down, that we decided to retreat for a bowling game instead.


The kids then had a good shower-up at our place before dinner at Farrer Road hawker centre. The downside of the day was a puncture tire as a result of reversing into a curb! paid a big bomb for replacing the tires (all 4 since the tires are due for replacement soon) but considering how the kids had enjoyed their day, it’s worthwhile afterall 😉


NB: All photos are uploaded into this album

Yeez’s Sister Evelyn’s Birthday


Today is 4th May 2007, it’s sis birthday again. We went out to celebrate at Suntec. Jenkins is in USA then. Much to my godson’s (nephew) happiness, he quickly changed to his nice clothings as he rarely have chances to go out.

img_1179-vi.jpg  img_1186-vi.jpg  img_1173-vi.jpg

Time flies, he has grown so much taller. He’s still a bit scrawny of his size due to his weak body resistance and always fall ill.

img_1176-vi.jpg img_1174-vi.jpg

Now he’s much better and eat more. His favourite is still Soba noodles. Here are some photos taken at my mum’s place plus a day at Suntec.


Kang & Ray @ Changi Airport

Kang & Ray went to Changi Airport today to fetch their mum who returned home from a business trip. Took some photos, and videos, and my first home video production attempt!

More photos can be viewed here

Here’s my first home video production attempt 😀


A football game

After going down with a flu for 4 days, I was ‘invited’ for a football game with the kids and yeez took some video of us in action. Ray and Kang were so adamant that we should play the entire field, when there were just … 4 of us? (both of them plus myself and their dad) Oh my god, kids sure have plenty of energy to expend, and I wasn’t sure if I can even last 5 minutes, let alone covering the whole field. In the end, we settled for half the field size, although the make-shift goal post (since we can’t shift the goal post to the centre of the field) got smaller and nearer, as the game progressed on!

Oh yes .. who’s the one screaming in the background? 😀 😛

Part 1 of video – checkout the exclusive interview with Ray


Part 2 of video – again check out our youngest star on the field … on how he ‘tread’ on the grass …