New release for Windows CE SIP utility

Last month, I created an utility called SIP Select. It’s now updated with a smaller footprint, together with some minor enhancements. The pop up menu now shows the current SIP being selected, and is aligned to the bottom of the screen.

SIP Select

You can download the latest utility here

7 thoughts on “New release for Windows CE SIP utility

  1. that can be done, but I have no time to work on it. In anycase, the priority now is to create the config function to create default startup SIP shortcut. right now this is manual.

  2. guest says:

    there are several tools could specific startup SIP. don’t worry about it. 🙂

    and another utility ftSWITCHSIP could switch to next sip cycle.

    but you know, searchnextsip is very slow because it search all CLSID for issipinputmethod(that’ not nessesary). i don’t know if it will be fast to switch to target sip by your utility with specificed CLSID parameter, if so, may be you should create a sip.ini file which we could filling it with CLSIDs of sips we wanted, then the “switch to next sip cycle” action will use CLSIDs from sip.ini as a looping list, without search all CLSID in registry anymore, that would be faster.

    sorry about my poor english, it’s will be great if you speak Chinese also *^_^*

    i left my email this time, if you like, plz give me your email or IM for contact.

    waiting for your more excellent work.

  3. sorry for the late reply.

    my utility currently actually scan through all the installed SIP and pops up a menu to list them out. It doen’t really scan throug the entire CLSID, if that’s what you mean.

    So using your ‘searchnextsip’ concept will be as fast (or slow) as my current utility, as the worst case scenario is it will have to scan through the entire list for the next sip.


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