Windows CE SIP utility

Here’s the utility that I have created to select the SIP without having to tap on the SIP icon. Obviously, you need to map one of the hardware key to the utility, for my case I use WM5Menu to do it (see below).

This was created originally for me to enable NullKB to be my default key on startup (for some reason, I cannot do that in registry, so I created this utility to be run during a startup) .. since then, I have seen people writing mortscript to switch SIP so I thought I might as well ‘expand’ my little utility project.

I added the popup menu to show the list of the SIP (see below), for selection of the SIP to be switched over to.

I use WM5menu to map the right soft key to the utility.

I have also created a few shortcuts for standards SIP, so that you can immediately switch to the desirable SIP, without having the popup menu for selection. You may map your button to any of these shortcut. You can create new shortcuts if you have third party SIP that you want to map.

This program can be download from my blog

edit: a newer version has just been released, check this out