‘Raw Gang’ warming up Chia Fong’s new home

That’s what you call a housewarming, right?

Raw gang, is none other than people in this caricature drawing, plus myself.

It was a housewarming gathering for Chia Fong and Moi Shang’s new home @ Savanah, and we had a great time catching up. We also went to the estate’s bowling alley (so it’s the real one!, not the Wii type as I had originally thought it was). The bowling session ended up as a ‘mini-kiddo championship’ as the 2 kids (Gregory and Yoyo) were so captivated by the game that they practically take possession of the entire bowling lane by themselves.


Hope we have indeed warmed up our raw gang member’s new home. It was a fantastic Saturday evening filled with joys and laughters. Surely this must be the one of those ‘ROTFL’ moments;


 Took some photos as well. They can be access from this album

17 thoughts on “‘Raw Gang’ warming up Chia Fong’s new home

  1. Once again, thanks for “warming up” my house. I really enjoyed myself that day, I hope you guys do too. And yes, the pop up stomach was really funny.

  2. Yo! Great site. I esp like the name – zenyee. Very good name indeed. Now that’s 1 good name gone…

    It was a great gathering even though I was made a happy victim of circumstances!!! I really enjoyed it. The place, the food, the PEOPLE!!! The good old feeling was back and that’s the best! I am really glad that we all have retained our innocence and truthfulness of yesteryears. This I feel is the most precious.

    As promised, I will hold the next gathering at my place for a super super belated housewarming.

  3. Yo! Just finished “browsing” the site. The caricature is new! Looks like we are getting our artist back! You should have more!

    Nice video editing and pictures. Now I must shop for a digital camera and make better use of my PC.

  4. MC says:

    Cool. Love the video and pics.

    Chia Fong, thanks for opening the house to us. Hope we didn’t leave too many plates and glasses for you to wash….

    Need house to invade….Shang’s!!!

  5. yo shang! we will await for your invitation for the next gathering!!

    The caricature was drawn like 11 years ago lah. Guess if I have to draw, it’ll be the same except one botak!

  6. MC: It’s OK, once in a while, washing plates together is fun (not!)

    All: Yeah, I will remind Shang constantly that his house is due for a warming up. Ha!

    zen: Shang is still Shang. I was like “huh?” when I read his comment about the caricature. Same old same old, none of them was new, though it would be great if you really pick up your pen again.

  7. not sure if I will pick up my pen again, but if I do, will be doing digitally since I have a tablet 😉 Now into photoshop 😀

  8. Yeez says:

    JK is so concentrated on his rectangle box all the time, where got time to hold pen.. haha IT freak too dependent on computer. Like what I always tell him, on lap one rectangle (laptop), infront one rectangle (TV), then some sound come another smaller rectangle (PDA phone) *faint*

    Had good fun with all, think all the wives also had good fun, expecially the kids. Hope they did not end up nightmare as they really went “wild” haha…

    Shang your house is HOT already, cannot call housewarming… kid also so big liao!!!! think of another theme…

  9. Shang says:

    Excellent comment CF! Never thought of that. I think you are getting more philosophical!

    Ya man. My house hot like oven. Gotta use another theme. Mmm. How about house cooling? That brings me the idea of all things cool, including food! Yeah! We can have sushi and raw mee!!!

  10. sounds good shang!

    shang, the url is still there, what’s the error you got? never take down the photos at all. The site serves as a backup source for me, I have more than 5G of photos up there 😛

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