A coat of gingerbread paint on the Galaxy Tab

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been experimenting on the Android UI theme work in the last 2 weeks. Last weekend I thought I made the most progress in terms of establishing a deeper understanding of the Android UI framework, and in the process overcame one of the theming roadblock that I have not been able to google a satisfactory answer for.

I have compiled the summary of my theming experiment, and updated that in the previous blog post. In that update, not only I have summarised the key steps to de-compile and re-compile the UI framework, I have also outlined the key components of the de-compiled source where the changes being made and the general effect the change achieved consequently. I could have missed a couple of components, as I did the summary based on my memory re-collection, and as you know, my memory has appeared to be falling lately.

I hope this helps anybody who is interested to theme an Android phone. Feel free to drop your questions or comments if you need help, clarification or correction to what have been shared. I will try my best to answer in the limited capacity I have.

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