banned one week from comp

i was banned one week from comp. never mind.

actually i wanna tell you about today… 26/1/07.

I reached school at : 7.29 50 seconds.

then, it started raining.
disipline master says: hey, your NYPS Students.
So you must sing the anthem,School song, Pledge,
No matter where you are. rain, or thunderstorm.

how can he say that? we are like so … Wet….
he doesn’t CARE!!

ruthless lah… all gotta stand in the rain…
hey… tell ya guys a secret.

the girls say that the rain is heavy but it is like : only 600 drops every…
secs? omg … i got see heavier rain bfore.
then later… recess…

I play in da rain. who cares?
as long can play, who will care?

ok… see ya guys… post more if got bttr things.. 😦

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