Krabi holiday(2)(2)

back wif more!

3rd day
we went snorkeling at the corners of Koh Lanta and others.
wow!! many coloured fishies!!!

we woke up at 7.15 and went down for breakfye(term for breakfast)

and then we went aboard a ship called “Lanta Princess.

MOUNTAINS!! AMAZING!! it was like 200 meters tall!!! we only swam at the bottom.. it’s okay… then the fun began. the 3rd place was at a cave.. inside was a enclosed enclosure… but i didn’t really go in… so this all i can say… LOLS.. then we went a beach.. ate lunch… not bad… rice with mixed vegetables wif green curry and a pepsi twist small bottle !!! not bad liao!!

then went a place no boundaries…. finally after 6 hours of talking into wearing a mask.. i finally wore it!! wow!! i am lucky!!! this place has a lot of corals!!

i went back hotel room and played for the rest of the day… not forgeting the small swimming pool (Very Very Xtra small)

4th day
it’s tyme to go back singapore… so first we go for a elephant ride…

wow it takes 1hr and they show you their plantations!!
Not bad for a day…
then the photos that they took 300 baht each (about $15-20) oh…
we bought two… memories ^.^

then we went back to singapore. The End!!!


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