Q9h chinese revelation

In my last review of Motorola Q9h, I lamented about how Motorola (to be fair, quite a number of Windows Mobile Phone makers as well) could have launched a device without appropiate chinese input method editor (IME) in a multi-racial countries like Singapore.

 Wrote in to Motorola customer service department before, and as expected, I was given excuses like “We do not support third party software” or “None of our Q9h comes with chinese IME”, etc.

Hello? You mean Motorola is not interested at all in the North Asia Market? Plus, I was told that in Hong Kong, they do sell Q9h that supports chinese input. So the official reply, like all other official replies I get elsewhere, is just crap.

Recently, I “come across” a Q9h, which evidently dismiss the claim by Motorola that there isn’t a Q9h that supports chinese IME out of the box. Let’s just say I am 100% sure that the Q9h that I come across, is 100% stock and has no additional software installed.

Incidentally, the software is developed by GuoBi (国笔科技有限公司), the same company that partners with various phone manufacturers in the world for chinese input function, and the same software can be found in Q9h predecessor, Q8. 😉

Here are some of the screenshots taken off from the “exhibit” itself. Don’t ask me for the software, because it’s “cooked” as part of the Q9h ROM.


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