Multi Language Editor – make it easy

Found out that my Multi Language editor was not orientation aware, so decided to make the necessary changes. It ended up with an additional feature that allows one to configure the keyboard settings through a user interface, instead of having to fiddle on the registry as in the previous version. In the setting user interface, you will be able to choose the preferred primary and secondary input methods (which usually correspond to a distinct keyboard locale/layout) The primary choice will also be set as your system default keyboard locale accordingly. The latter will be useful when you install third party IME software, as the installation usually overrides your factory default setting, in terms of the keyboard setting.


You can download from this link

2 thoughts on “Multi Language Editor – make it easy

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Jenkins,

    I need some help from you. I downloaded your cab file from:
    and I need some help with the installation.

    I’m using Samsung i780 and I did not download any chinese software before. So, how should I download this cab file to the mobile phone and is there any settings I need to alter? Thanks a lot for your help in advance 🙂


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