thinking aloud … takes and rants

One of the good thing about my latest IT gadget acquisition (read: HTC Touch Pro) is that I could take good/decent quality photos anytime, anywhere, unless I happen to be phone-less which is rather rare.  And, picture tells a thousand words, and I thought I would share some of the interesting photos I took in my last Houston business trip, which by the way, is horri-gi-ble. Taking 27 hours of flight journey to and 28 hrs back, and cramping in an economy flight, is no joke. Anyway, enough of rant, and here’s some photos I captured.

First off, I was reading USA Today on the plane, and come across this comic, which is so hilarious (at least to me), mocking the current global economic crisis

 If you can’t view the comic properly, it says Ornithological Guide to Mortage News; Predatory Lenders are just like Buzzard, Wall street execs are just like Turkey, Regulators are like Ostrich, Pols (I think they are referring to Politician) are no different from Peacock, and investors are just Chicken. Funny, no?

Then, I find it amusing that while cost cutting is really in every company’s agenda, I didn’t realise that United Airline goes to the extend of using a cheapo $1 earphone for their passenger ‘flight entertainment’ needs (well, if there’s one in the first place). Time for me to get a proper headset with noise cancelling feature, especially if travelling is not going to stop in the near future.

 Lastly, I’m not sure about you, but I’m not very optimistic of any decent bonus this coming year end. But this paper cup did cheer me up alittle as I gobbled Mc’donald’s double quarter pound burger … I hope it’s a sign of something positive in the making;

3 thoughts on “thinking aloud … takes and rants

  1. Yeah, that was the one thing I miss about my Nokia N80. My current N81 is just 2 mp whereas N80 is having a 3, I miss the sharp picture that I was able to take.

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