Show Traffic for Singapore (v1.1) with kinetic scrolling

Kinetic scrolling is essentially a new improved way of scrolling a page, or a list, and is finger friendly and visually more pleasant. It was first found in iPhone user interface, but more and more applications in other mobile platform, such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, are following suite. In Windows Mobile, there is no SDK exists, to my knowledge, to enable developers to add this new scrolling feature to the application without substantial development work.

Last weekend, I managed to reverse engineer this feature and included it in my latest Show Traffic application. Check out the video, and you know what I’m talking about!

You can download the latest version from this link. Version 1.1 is now “skinable” (yay! my first skinable appy) and is compatible to both Q(W)VGA and (W)VGA Windows Mobile devices.

To skin the application, you have to modify the following image files

  1. BG_selector background image of the item
  2. BG_highlight background image of the selected item
  3. BG_spacer background image of the spacer between items
  4. BG_title background image of the title bar (at the top of the application)

Additionally, if your skin is a white/light-color based theme, then you need to change the foreground and background colour so that the text can be readable on your light-color based theme. This setting can be found in the registry path (HKCU\Software\Zenyee\ShowTraffic) You can download this zip file for a sample light-based skin with the appropiate registry.

14 thoughts on “Show Traffic for Singapore (v1.1) with kinetic scrolling

  1. cyrus says:

    Any chance of getting this to work on hd2 ? Initially i thought it was not working but when i rotated the app, it shows the edge of the picture and i cant scoll it.

  2. Omnian says:

    great job ! I got it to work with HD2 AFTER installing the .Net 3.5 file in your reply to cyrus (above). Great app. Hope to see more!

    • keith says:

      hi, i have installed v1.2 successfully and also installed framework 3.5. I got the NullExceptionError when I click on the second level link. For e.g. AYE (this is ok) -> Near NUS (w) (error occur here)

    • zen says:

      there’s a bug in v1.2 .. you can download v1.3 from here which not only fixed the bug, but also added new camera points located at Sentosa.

    • James says:

      v1.3 – there are typo-errors for the word “Flyover”. It was spelt as “Flyerover” in part of PIE and KPE sections.

  3. gary says:

    Can the program initate 3G Data Connection by itself when the browser windows open? I have to first turn on the Wifi and start the program in order for it to work.

  4. Can the program initiate the 3G data connection when the browser open to show the webcam? I have to first connect my Wifi or 3G data connection before I can get the picture. Please advise.

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