Home zone trial

Starhub’s technician came to our house this morning, to install an UMTS access point to our home router. This was for the “Home Zone” trial that I had signed up with Starhub recently. This trial program enables 3G phones to make and receive phone calls via the access point instead of connecting to the Starhub 3G phone network. As the access point is LAN-connected to our home router, 3G network access would therefore be through the internet, via the router/cable modem. The home zone, i.e. the access point network coverage, is approximately within the radius of 100m. Phone would auto switch to the home access point once it is within the home zone, and back to the normal GSM/3G network when it’s outside.

4 thoughts on “Home zone trial

  1. I’m not sure if anybody can sign up, or if it’s by invitation although I don’t think I’m that privileged such that it’s the latter 😀

    The experience is seamless, and when I make a call out, you will hear a message tone “you are on home zone”, useful for me to verify if my call is on home zone network, or the 3G mobile network.

    The program allows up to 4 Starhub postpaid line to be registered per access point, btw.

  2. one irritating bug identified though; If I were to call my home line (which is Starhub digital voice) using my mobile phone connected through home zone, I will never be able to disconnect the call. Tried with two WM-based phones and this happens in both cases. I guess nobody will be so silly to call your own house when you are @ home :D, on the otherhand, if I happen to be at my house pool, and wanted to call home, I will be screwed 😦

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