ShowTraffic with Google Map Traffic

ShowTraffic SG has been updated to release 1.2. It fixes some bugs, and introduce a new feature to support Google Map Traffic, which enables one to go directly to Google Map from Show Traffic application.

You can download from here Update on 28th Jan: version 1.3 has been released to fix a bug and also added two new camera points.

7 thoughts on “ShowTraffic with Google Map Traffic

  1. Sebastian says:

    Doesnt work on my HD 2 bro. Running on Miri ROM. Only see a grey translucent screen with the word View from … Cant even minimize

  2. zen says:

    version 1.3 has been released to fix a bug which causes the program to crash. In the version 1.3, you will also find new camera points, which are located in Sentosa. Click here to download

  3. kangmas says:

    hi dZenkinZ, have same problem. Cant see anything, only blank screen. Can you show me where to download the July’09 .NET 3.5 hotfix. Thanks. p.s. Have download and install v1.3, but it show v1.2 after install.

  4. Ben says:

    Hello, I got this showtraffic.exe error on my X1. Programs can run but when click to view the camera, the error popup and say need to restart the programs. After restart, still the same, can’t view camera image..

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