Marcus and Sandy’s Big day

1. Chuan and his brothers getting ready for the Big day, and the convoy to Johor Bahru to pick up the bride.


2. As we arrived at the bride’s place, we were greeted by the first gate hurdle. Well, expected. That’s where the fun began from here…

[myspace][/myspace]3. Finally, at the last obstacle, don’t we feel like SOC course? With lots of sweat and effort, Chuan finally get to see his bride.


4. After paying respect to ancestors and tea-ceremony with Sandy’s parents, we all headed back to Singapore for a quick photoshoot at NTU


5. It’s tea-ceremony time with the Chng clan!

Photos of the day event can be viewed from this gallery. Use the same password as you have used to access this page, to view the gallery!

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