Saabstance Roadventure 2005.5


As usual, we gathered at Gelang Petah Restpoint, just after Tuas 2nd link checkpoint. Polar Bear, for whatever reason, was the last car to arrive, and he claimed that he had to let the chicken cross the road first! What an ingenious excuse to be late 😛

The trail started at about 7.05am, after a quick briefing by our trail leader, Mickey. Our first stop is Kluang Town, just about 100-150km away, I reckon. We reached there within 45 mins I suppose, and we were ready for our breakfast by then. The breakfast place was recommended by Doodler, it is supposed to be one of the best kaya-roti stalls around, some say even better than YaKun or Kilinney Kaya-roti toast! The toast was indeed good as claimed, as the stall owner uses roti bun to toast, and had thick spread of kaya and thick slices of butter in between the toast. The kaya is just so smooth and tasty, coupled with the butter, they just simply melt in your mouth! We couldn’t resist but to buy a small cup of kaya home, and on hindsight, we should have just bought whatever they have left! The owner told us that the same stall (which was just beside Kluang railway station) was started by his grandfather, and hence he chose not to relocate despite the customer demand outnumbered what the place could catered for. He told us that there’s a beef noodle stall nearby which was famous in TangKak, and Polar Bear immediately voted that we should continue our breakfast there!

After the roti breakfast, and the impromptu Beef kway teow meal, we headed our way to Gunung Belumut. The drive was endlessly long, until we realised we had overshot the exit to Belumut! Another U-turn and it was fun seeing a fleet of Saab jets doing U-turn on the B-road. As I always said, when you see a fleet or an individual Saab jet fighter driving unbelievably slow, or doing awakward U-turn, chances were they are lost!

We finally arrived at Belumut, at around 11am. That’s not without a short trail through the Palm Plantation, braving through the landmine (read: bull shit! literally). As we parked at Belumut, we were greeted by a staunch smell. and guess what! big piles of shit stucked at all our wheel archs! Argghh…

Belumut is one of nature park in Malaysia, and if you are adventure-seeker, you can trek through Gunung (malay for Mountain) Belumut for a few hours I was told. We were expecting some waterfall, but instead, we saw a small stream of water. Nevermind, at least there was suspending bridge, and we have a mini treking around the base of Gunung Belumut!

We were all hungry shortly after, and decided to proceed to drive back to South, somewhere at Kukup, near 2nd link for lunch. Luckily it rained heavily during the drive back, as the water splashes from the spinning wheel help to clean the filty wheel and wheel well! We exit at Pontian along NS highway, but perhaps the folks were too hungry to even want to explore further at Kukup, in the end, we stop by at Gelang Pateh instead, for a seafood lunch. Good time to fill our stomach, as well as recapping on the fun moments we had earlier. By 3pm, we all packed up and headed back to Singapore.

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