What?!!! soccer so Tiring..

yup.. you guessed it.
i’m in the School soccer team..
but i haven’t got anywhere yet..

Wonder what it would be if one day i could be a striker and shoot in the what-ya-called-it

you gotta Imagine If the ball hits you on the face.. what you would do..
And bla bla bla.

Okay.enough About Soccer.
How many of you have believed Santa is alive?
Well i sure do.

Last Year…
When i was sleeping
Santa Dropped in and gave me a Dinosaur CD!

Maybe that was my imagination but..
I C0ULD Bet ya Somebody put it there…
maybe my parents..

So How many People nowadays like Chinese SINGERS?
Well i sure do…

Is it one of those young generation singers?
It could be if you listen to them…
They ROCK!

Let me tell you my Favourite singers

1.欧得洋(Ocean ou De Yang)
2.王力宏(wang lee hom)
3.林俊杰(Lin Jun Jie)

Okay… Can’t blog for too long..
mother scolding..

see ya!! bye!!

bloggers alike,

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