An overdue blog on Notif Blinker update

Notif Blinker has an update in August but I  realised I didn’t blog about it until now!

Improvements/Changes made to the latest release (version 0.0809a);

1. Functionalities and Bug fix found in version 0.0802 which includes

  • Reminder notification support (New)
  • Configuration UI tool (New)
  • Fix a bug that causes notification dismissal not detected (Bug fix)

2. Enhanced code to eliminate any remote chance of erratic LED blinking (hopefully). Newer code is now more robust (99.99% sneaky.gif ) and efficient now in managing LED blinking according to the status of the notification bubble messages.

3. Added user prompt to quit or continue the run of Notif Blinker when it’s run second time

4. Small enhancement on user interface for the configuration tool. 

You can download Notif Blinker v0.3 (build 0809a) from here

Discussion of this utility can be found in this thread or you can simply drop your comment in this blog!

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