An overdue blog on Notif Blinker update

Notif Blinker has an update in August but I  realised I didn’t blog about it until now!

Improvements/Changes made to the latest release (version 0.0809a);

1. Functionalities and Bug fix found in version 0.0802 which includes

  • Reminder notification support (New)
  • Configuration UI tool (New)
  • Fix a bug that causes notification dismissal not detected (Bug fix)

2. Enhanced code to eliminate any remote chance of erratic LED blinking (hopefully). Newer code is now more robust (99.99% sneaky.gif ) and efficient now in managing LED blinking according to the status of the notification bubble messages.

3. Added user prompt to quit or continue the run of Notif Blinker when it’s run second time

4. Small enhancement on user interface for the configuration tool. 

You can download Notif Blinker v0.3 (build 0809a) from here

Discussion of this utility can be found in this thread or you can simply drop your comment in this blog!

49 thoughts on “An overdue blog on Notif Blinker update

  1. petros says:

    Hello Dear Zen from Greece,

    I used your older version of notif blinker with my “old” Samsung Omnia and it was working fine (Led blinked for a long time if i had missed calls or sms,even when the device was in standbuy mode-black screen).My phone was exchanged with a brand “new” one from my network covered by the manufacture’s warranty.So when i installed notif blinker to the “new” set,led stopped flashing just a few seconds (adjustments->system->sound & annoucements” ,like blinking duration.Unfortunately although i think i tried everything and a lot of soft-resets,notif blinker stops led blinking just a few seconcs after Omnia goes to standbuy mode… Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for your co-operation and my best wishes for a happy New Year.

  2. ssr_german says:

    hello zenyee,

    i test ur software..and WOW its works on my i780 ! thx!!
    but what i missed is:

    i like to cange the color for sms, email and call diffrend.
    i can only cange the color for all aktion 😦

    but i love it !

  3. @ssr: yes the color is not configurable for different notification, and at this point I don’t have any plan to introduce newer version>

    @Petros: Did you try to install the latest version of notif blinker to see if the problem persists?

  4. KD says:

    I don’t know why but it doesn’t work on my Epix i-907. I tried many things and follow all the steps, but the LED only blink until the screen turn off and the LED also stop.

    Could you please help me? Will the U2U2 effect your program?

  5. KD says:

    I found the problem. Because of I installed the U2U2 that why it stops your software. After I disable the U2U2, then the LED work very good.

    Thank your great work Zen.

    If you can, do you mind to add more time for durantion because I think 120 min. isn’t enough. Can you please make it blink for “No Limit” ????

    or can you make it work together with the U2U2.

  6. KD says:

    Sorry for too many talking, but I sloved the problem with U2U2. Both U2U2 and your program can work together.

    People only need to change the setting in U2U2, turn off the “turn off power in U2U2 on battery power”. Everything will be perfect.

    Once again, thank Zen. Right now, the only issue which I have is make the LED blink for more than 120 min.

  7. Helmut says:

    Hello, I tried to install this programm on my SE xperia, but it dont work. I get no menu, ony the xperia vibrate all the time. thats all. What can I do?

    with my best regards

  8. @KD,

    I won’t be making any more changes to this software so 120mins will be the max you would have to live with. in anycase, I trust that 2 hours should be good enough for most scenarios…

  9. MCE says:

    Hi Zenyee,

    I installed Notif Blinker on my samsung epix and think its great. However, sometimes it won’t stop blinking even after I open the app that it’s notifying me about. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Also, I haven’t been able to figure out why it gives a different blinking pattern sometimes. For example, sometimes it will give 3 quick blinks then 2 blinks, then 3 more blinks and repeat that pattern over and over. Other times it will just blink quick blinks over and over. Is there a reason it does this?

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!


  10. @MCE,

    for your first problem, when you open up the app, did you see if the notification bubble message disappear, or does it still appear on your taskbar?

    for your second problem, make sure you disable ‘flash’ under Settings > Sounds & Notification to avoid ‘double blinking’ (one by notifblinker, and another by the OS itself)

  11. JR says:

    You said you didn’t make any more changes to this nice app but one more favor. On my SGH-i780 Notify Blinker doesn’t work proberly together with Spb Mobile Shell 3.0. For instance when I get a SMS and want to open it the led keeps on blinking.

  12. Alexander says:

    Would you be willing to share the source code of Notf Blinker with the public to allow introduction of different colors for email and GSM related events? Default behavior is green for emails and blue for GSM events like text message, missed called or voicemail.

    Thank you for your work!

    • zen says:

      I’ve stopped development work for notif blinker unfortunately. If there’s somebody who’s willing to take over this project from me, I’ll be more than happy to share the code with him.

    • Alexander says:

      I’d like to develop at least the different LED colors, which, in my opinion, are very important. I’d also like to fix some problems with Notif Blinker keeping on blinking even if no notification is present.

      You can send the code to alex [at] graef [dot] cc, or simply publish a ZIP file on your blog. Please also state the license under which you will release the code, for example GPL v3.

    • Alexander says:

      Did you find time to make a package with the source code so I can start developing on it?

      Thank you, Alex

    • zen says:

      sorry, I was too busy, I will send the code to you 2 weeks from now. As for the licensing agreement, I’m not so particular, as long as you keep the credits and preferably the same name.

  13. Roman says:

    Hey guys! I’ve been looking for this for 3 hours. I’ve trying PhoneAlarm & DontForget. But they were too buggy and had much more features than I required.

    Thanks for the job you did!

    Cheers & greets from Ukraine.


  14. atlana says:

    thanks for the nifty tool, i’m using the samsung EPIX (SGH i907) – seems the samsung has quite a range of LED colors – question is now, natively the Epix uses different LED-colors (red, blue, green, yellow, aqua, white, purple) for different events (i.e. purple for SMS/text, RED for voicemail/missed call and so on) – is there a way to reassign different colors for different events ?


    • zen says:

      @atlana, not possible at this point, because that is not my original intent, and doing so will complicate the code development. No plan to develop/enhance this since I no longer hold a Epix or i780 device to be able to test the enhancement.

  15. Xamy says:

    Well done! But have you ever think of tweaking or hacking the battery meter to show 1% increments for Samsung SGH i780? Someone have done it with SEX1. Would love to have it…
    Sorry for my bad English.

  16. Eugenio says:

    hi mister. i’ve installed notif blinker in my samsung omnia b7330 (wm 6.5). the main program works, but the configurator give me the following errors when i launch it (not supported exception). what can i do ?

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