Postings and You

I did not make this flash. Neither did I create the following transcript. But thought I would host and share this flash media resource, for it reflects the fundamental of how we should ‘behave’ in the cyberworld.

The original maker is unknown to me, but the original hoster of this file was located at When he first hosted this file, the link experienced an “Internet phenomenon“. Less than 24 hours after the initial posting of this flash, his hosting service locked his account after multiple terrabytes of bandwidth were used. About 12 hours later the page was back online after he plead with his hosting service to let him host a single html file. In this html file he explained his bandwidth problem and ask for mirrors. I was the first to offer a mirror for him, at,html. He then linked to my website using the html page that he had been allowed to host by his hosting provider. The next day the page was down again and he sent me a final e-mail saying that the plain text html file listing the mirrors (there were roughly 4) had taken up multiple GB’s in bandwidth and his host terminated his account permanently. I replied to his e-mail and got a mail undeliverable response. Since then, I’ve never heard from him again. Also since then, I’ve kept a reliable mirror to this flash for everyone to enjoy, that was roughly 3 years ago. I intend to always keep a reliable link to this flash as I feel it’s a great flash and everyone should see it. I have spent hundreds of dollars keeping this mirror up, but this is for my own personal webspace as well, so it’s not _just_ for this mirror. At any rate, I hope you enjoy. You can contact me at kamel dot signal 9 at gmail dot com if you have any other questions or concerns about this page or the content of it. Thanks”

[swf]data=”” width=”425″ height=”320″[/swf]

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