Feels good …

HandshakePhysically I’m drained after being down with a nasty flu and am still trying to recover from it. But what makes me feel better, despite the bitter medication and the blocked nose, is that I think the relationship with one of our neighbours have gone in the positive direction.

It was a long story, and I don’t think it’s appropiate for me to say who’s wrong, and who’s not here. Beside, that’s history and there’s no point raking it up again. Regardless, the misunderstanding has definitely strained the otherwise cheerful relationship which was built during the time when we were fighting together against our house developer. I guess the philosophy – “Effective communication starts with finding overlapping objectives among the communicators” has found a good case study here.

Nevertheless, I ‘m happy that we had our first handshake that day, after so many months (and years), and we greeted and parted with smiling faces. That make my day … anytime.

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