1st hand experience of possible staged accident?

So we were on our way to bring Cody for his obedience class last Saturday.  At the  Benjamin Sheares Bridge around 3.45pm, the traffic was heavy but moving. I had a rude shock when the car in front of me did an emergency-brake. To make thing worst, the road was wet due to the  rain. My instant reaction was to slam hard on the brake pedal. Fortunately, with my Brembo big brake kit and wet-performance Goodyear tires, I could just stop with a couple of feet to spare, albeit with the ABS activated. The cars  in front of me and behind me, were just not so lucky, so resulting in a chain accident. It was a blessing in disguise for the the car behind me though,  as his car was just lightly bumping onto my rear bumper, creating some scratches as a consequence.

As I stepped out of my car, I saw a man walking briskly from the tail end of the chain collision to the front. He would stopped by at each car to ask if the driver or passenger was ok.

He came forward,  popped a question to me while gesturing a thumb up.

“Bro, everything okay?”

Momentarily, I told myself, wow this driver was so nice for showering his concerns to his fellow road users.

After exchanging contact information with the driver who hit my car, we decided that we will settle the incident privately. Just when I was about to drive off, the same “kind” man knocked on my window and ask me if I need any help with repair or insurance claim! He was persistent in offering his help, and even try to shove his name card to me as I wind up the window.

I ignored him and just drove on. On hindsight, I should have taken his name card, and expose his name in the net.

Some peeps had told me this might not necessary be a scam, i.e. the accident may not necessary be deliberated. These “kind souls” however were most likely freelancing for some workshops, who would in turn give them a cut for every successful repair referral they made. These “touts” will usually station themselves in sweet spots — locations where accidents frequently occur.

For me, I admit I was damn lucky to be sparred from all hefty repair and insurance costs. For the record, I had decided not to repair nor to pursue any claim against the driver who knocked my car. Hopefully, good karma will come as a result 😉

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