Our Own Blog …Humming Bird Love nest

6 years after marriage and our own blog has been created finally!!!

Our New Begining
 Time has pass real fast, blink of an eye, we have divded into the year 2007. Life has evolved slowly. As days passes we see things with a different perspective. Main resolution for the Year 2007 is to stay happy. Life is short, we have witness a good friend whom have left for the kingdom of heaven, friends whom have claim to be buddies turn nasty when real help is needed. Guess this is just some facts of life, so why take it so hard. As long as one is happy, it would be the most fufilling satisfaction that one can ever achieve.

Money is not everything, and definately unable to buy everything. Without it one cannot survive, too much of it will make one greedy and evil. Enough to pass days through without having to worry for money is the best solution. But which person whom is living in Singapore does not worry about Money!!! haha.

 Okay all for today…. Just trying out the new blog… HAPPY 2007!!!

3 thoughts on “Our Own Blog …Humming Bird Love nest

  1. I love the invention of this blog thingy and glad that you all decided to participate in this “craziness”. As without your blog, I could not have shared your experience that would have otherwise been lost. We should try and catch up more often.

  2. Oh yeah, I mean to say that the experience would otherwise be lost to me. Your precious moments will always be there with you even without this blog! Happy blogging!

  3. Agree, the whole concept of blog is no different from the simple home page idea that came along with internet back in the early 90s. The difference is there’s abundance of blog software / provider today that enables to share your thoughts much easily without getting too technical about it!

    At the end of the day, it’s the content, rather than the sophiscation of the platform enabling the blog / web-site, that matters!

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