A reflash of old works …

It has been quite awhile since I last pick up my drawing pens. By chance, I trace and bump into my old personal web site (last updated in 1996 at fortune-city!), and recover some of the comics and caricature works which I created back in 1996.

some caricature works…

and the rest (including comics) in this gallery


[swf]data=”http://images.fotki.com/flash/FlipBook-1.0.swf”, width=”409″, height=”120″, FlashVars=”url=http://feeds.fotki.com/Jenkins/album_stbtgwsbtrrbt.rss&bgcolor=#FFFFFF&linkcolor=#FF3333&rows=2&cols=8&el_size=50″ quality=”best”, scale=”noscale”, wmode=”opaque”, bgcolor=”#000000″, name=”FlipBook”, align=”middle”, allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain” [/swf]

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