New hack to disable HTC’s messaging application

HTC has, since manila 2.5, designed and developed a completely new text messaging application (HTC Messaging App) to replace the old Windows messaging application for the entire SMS/text messaging functionality. Some of you may not be affected by the poor performance of HTC messaging app. But for me, it’s so poor that despite trimming my text messages to just 200, every operation (open message, compose a message, etc) takes a few seconds at least, and it is just not usable for me. It looks to me as if HTC has designed, developed and tested with just a handful messages in mind.

So I did some investigation, and found out a way to disable HTC messaging app, and revert back to the original Windows messaging application, i.e. pocket outlook, for text messaging. Technically speaking, it’s a combination of registry tweak and a small patch utility I wrote to overcome a bug/problem as a result of disabling HTC messaging application.


Installation process will automatically apply the hack and install the patch utility

You need to restart your device to have the changes effect

You need to restart your device to have the changes effect

Uninstallation will undo the hack automatically

Uninstallation will undo the hack automatically

You can download from here

DIY software hack for Window Mobile Phone

if you have always been irritated by the persistent “Bluetooth Handsfree” notification message, which appears the moment your handsfree kit connects to your device, and won’t go away resulting in your left soft key inaccessible; Here’s the hack …

Take note that this currently will only support widcomm bluetooth stack (essentially only 6965, since that’s probably the only WM5 device in the market that uses WIDCOMM stack). MS stack is not supported, although with a remote chance it may run.

If you like to uninstall this hack, please run WindowsStartupCheckNotification.lnk first before uninstall.
When you have installed, soft-reset your device in order for the program to be activated.


 Click here  to download

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