DIY software hack for Window Mobile Phone

if you have always been irritated by the persistent “Bluetooth Handsfree” notification message, which appears the moment your handsfree kit connects to your device, and won’t go away resulting in your left soft key inaccessible; Here’s the hack …

Take note that this currently will only support widcomm bluetooth stack (essentially only 6965, since that’s probably the only WM5 device in the market that uses WIDCOMM stack). MS stack is not supported, although with a remote chance it may run.

If you like to uninstall this hack, please run WindowsStartupCheckNotification.lnk first before uninstall.
When you have installed, soft-reset your device in order for the program to be activated.


 Click here  to download

 This hack is also being discussed at this forum

7 thoughts on “DIY software hack for Window Mobile Phone

  1. thanks! glad that it works for you. from what I hear, it has worked well for most 6900 series users! There’s a couple of incidents whereby the software will have compatibility issues due to the operator’s voice mail function.

    • zen says:

      @SmGy, this involves in programming to monitor the registry, and each application notification has its own ID, so I dont’ think you can adapt it without modifying the code. What device are you using? Maybe you want to head down to to find some solution there.

  2. Sudarno says:

    Hi, would it be possible for me to get this program? I am using ipaq 6965 and this program really helps me get rid of the notification.

    I know it’s kinda old for me to ask but I am still using ipaq and really need this program.

    would you be able to reupload it once again?


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