Run for Food: Magic 22

Ever since I started a formal running schedule, I am making a steadfast progress. I am also constantly running (with walking in regular intervals) more than 4km in each running session. It may be just a short run for many runners, but it is something I would never have imagined 6 weeks ago. At the same time, it seems that I am addicted to running; There were occasions where I ran in the wee morning (such as 3am), and there were times where I ran for 3 consecutive days. I also do not feel as much stress on my knees as I did in my maiden run. All in all, everything seems to be heading in the right direction.

Drenched after the 2.2 run

On 22nd Jan, eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I “feel” the motivation to run again after two consecutive days of sumptuous reunion lunch/dinner.  Coincidentally, it is also my 22nd run since 15th Jan! Just as I get myself geared up for the running, the sky starts to drizzle. I tell myself, the light drizzle will help to make a cooling run, but how wrong I was! Just less than a minute into my run, the rain starts to pour. I have to abandon my running schedule as it does not seem to be a quick passing rain. But I am very determined to complete a run, so I promptly switch to a 2.2km running route. It is also an opportunity to see how my stamina has improved vis-a-vis to my first maiden 2.2km run.

I remembered 6 weeks ago I had to stop every 400-600km just to catch my breathe. Thus, I aim to complete the run without any stop. The increasing intensity of the rain does help to spur me to achieve this goal, and I am glad I accomplish it eventually! The pace of the run was steady from start till the end. There were moments where I felt I could be struggling, but managed to overcome through controlling my breathing and consequently maintaining the breathing efficiency. By the time I complete my 2.2km run, the timer clock shows a timing of 13.38 min. While it is still far cry from my 12 min target (first goal), it still shows a vast leap from my earlier 14-15 minute timings. Most importantly, I completed the run in a harsh condition (with the rain pouring towards the end of the run) without stopping at all.

Running statistic for period 15th Dec 11 to 22nd Jan 12

With the 2.2km run, on the 22nd of Jan,  I have thus far completed 22 run with total of 70.76km.  Another new milestone achieved for me.

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