Internet Scam

Internet Scam is really prevalent everywhere, and just these few days I came across two when doing some research in the internet.

First, I was trying to find out more about the breed of my Cody, and came across this site,  which appears to have wealth of information on how to specially train Corgi dogs.  As I read further, I see the type of sales tactic very similiar to those  TV commercial advertisements that try to sell products or services at a exceptional special discount. You know those that says something like, “Normally it cost $100, but for limited time, we are offering it at $50 instead, and if you call within the next hour, it’ll be yours for $29.90, and you get extra free gift…

The same thing for …  They said, and I quote,

Now, given that the best professional trainers will charge you nothing less than $1200 to train your Dog, given how much frustration and stress our membership site is going to save you from, given how much peace of mind our membership site is going to provide you, and given how much time and money our membership site is going to save you, we could have easily charged you at least $197 for access to our membership siteBut we are not going to!


Because the ebooks will be presented to you as online content, we will not have to incur any printing and fulfillment costs. And we want to pass on those benefits to you.

So, we slashed down the price to $97. But, even at $97, we know that not many Dog owners are going to be able to afford to get access to our membership site…

We absolutely adore Dogs and we want as many Dog owners as possible to benefit from the secret tips and techniques described in our new membership site…

So, we have decided.. on a much more affordable discounted price…

If you order anytime by midnight, tonight Friday, May 28, 2010 11:59:59 pm
you will get the Membership at only $37

However, please note that the price of $37 is a discounted price. We fully intend to increase the price to $97 very soon as there is no way we can afford to keep the price at $37 for too long…So, if you order now, you can save $60!

But, if you decide not to order now, and in case we withdraw our discounted price of $37, you will have to pay the much higher price of $97


As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably so. So I google searched and found this site that talks about how this site is being a scam site. Somebody even bothered to setup a domain and a site just to expose the scam. So apparently, one get nothings at all after paying that $37, despite a few pages worth of promises described by the Nancy Richards @ I decided to do a test and subscribed to the same mailing list using another name and email address, and I get the exact same email respond, except the deadline of the special offer is now a day later! Whatever the case, its clear this is a scam site that tries to take advantage of human’s greed, in this case, hoping to pay just that $37 for something that’s worth $197 (or $1200 depending on what you believe in)

On separate note, I was looking at ways to watch the coming South Africa World Cup football online, in a legitimate way. No way I am going to pay $70 just to watch that 64 matches live, and its not as if I have the time and energy to watch every single match. Then I came across, which promises to watch unlimited number of football matches (World Cup, Barclay Premier League, etc,) just for $19.90. Alittle skeptic with the (good) deal, I decided to google again on the legitimacy of this service. Turns out this is yet another scam site, as the google result reveals that the site is basically selling something that’s free on the internet. I have emailed the owner of the site, and we shall see what came out from those correspondences.

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