HP InstantWeb on mini netbook

My sister-in-law bought HP mini netbook recently, and I helped her to setup over the weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised to see HP InstantWeb application pre-installed in the netbook. Firstly, I have read about the application from the internet but this is the first time I have seen it in person. Next, I thought it’s cool for HP to custom build this small application that enables user to quickly access email or web surfing without having to wait for a long boot time. Although Windows 7 has improved the boot up time significantly (works out to be around 40s on my laptop running on 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate) , it’s still considerably slow for a mini netbook.

3 thoughts on “HP InstantWeb on mini netbook

  1. Julia says:

    how did you setup the hp instant web?? i’ve just bought a hp mini 110(by studio tord boontje gourgeous! =)) but i can’t find this program!! Shit! Can you help?

    • zen says:

      sorry can’t help much. I suggest you check hp support website, and see if there’s a firmware update for you to have the instant web. it’s not something that you can hack into, or at least that easily.

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