Competition — two sides of a coin

Singtel has recently won the bid to have the exclusive right to broadcast Barclay Premier League matches from 2010 onward for 3 years.


Whoever says that competition is good is really just tweaking the words to his world of advantage. This is a competition but definitely not in the interest of consumers. When it comes to competing for exclusivity, how can exclusivity be good for consumers? Exclusivity = Monopoly. It’s worst when exclusivity is obtained via money instead of through its product innovation. Utter crap !

2 thoughts on “Competition — two sides of a coin

  1. ikee says:

    Hello Zen, its me again,

    It seems that i cant send you my comments on the car modfication which was discarded, so i sent it here.

    My friend is in singapore at the moment and he went to xinzhong, he just bought me the xenon headlights for $1240, they told my friend that they only can order three brands, Bosch, Automotive Lighting and Hella, ok then they told him that other parts must also be purchase in order for the headlight to work mind you that $1240 doesn’t include bulbs and ballasts which cost $257 and $1030 respectively, so i told my friend to go ahead and buy the headlight only. is it a good buy?

    So my question is zen: Do i need to buy the bulbs and ballast there at xinzhong? or could i buy a cheaper brand xenon bulb and ballast here in brunei? i know i can buy the signal indicator plus the high beam bulb at volkswagen dealer here, is it possible for it not be operational? you told me that i only need to buy the wiring harness adapter at ebay or vwvortex rite? does your headlight includes the bulbs when you first bought many years back? could i have your email address?

    • zen says:


      you need to buy the ballast, and bulb, otherwise it won’t work. the bulb is not the ordinary halogen bulb and a pair of Philip branded 6000k bulbs would cost $320 easily. having said, you can buy cheaper bulb elsewhere (or in ebay) as long as you get the right type (there’s various type of xenon bulb, D2S, D1S, etc) and you stick with the reliable brand like OSRAM, Philips, etc. But ballast, I think it’s better to get the OEM one (and that means you have to get it from a VW part dealer) because it’s usually designed to fit to your headlight like a T, unless you are willing to modify the fitment if you use third party ballast. don’t forget the harness as well.

      you can email me at ping-at-zenyee-dot-com

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