Long time no blog

It’s been long awhile since I last blog.

Have been very very busy with work, just imagine having teleconference till 2am and then in few hours time, have to wake up to tele-meet again at 8am. To say that it’s a hectic life is a gross understatement!

Flew over to Geneva, Switzerland last week for a business meeting. The pre-trip was a dramatic one. Found out that I had misplaced my passport as I was packing for the trip just 5 hours before the flight time.  Started to get panick when I could not locate my passport one hour later, and decided to just drive down to ICA and try my luck if I could get my passport replaced. Amazingly, beyond my belief, I got it in 30 minutes, after explaining to the officers in charge and filing a lost report. Had video conferencing while in Geneva.

Took some video and photos but decided not to post here since it can be very personal. But there’s a similiar video in youtube, that capture the exact experience.

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