Travelling this week …

Thanks to the company’s travel policy, I have to travel the lowest fare flight available (ok, to be fair, any flight that’s no more than $300 than the cheapest available flight) and in the end, I have to take United Airline, stop over at Hong Kong and Chicago, before arriving at Houston, 27 hours after I left Singapore!

At Chicago, I decided to turn on my Touch Pro quickly to check out the BPL result. Thank goodness, Liverpool won 3-2 away against Manchester City, after being 2-0 down on half-time. That made my day anytime, and the flight fatigue was overshadowed by the joyous feeling.

At Houston, I went over to Hertz to collect the rented car. No “Never Lost” system this time round, again courtesy of company’s travel policy. Well, I was never prepared to ‘study’ the route to the hotel, especially considering how tired I will be after a long flight journey. I am sure my brain will need some guidance, and hence I had brought along my travelling car kit comprises of phone charger and cradle. After setting them up, and positioning my Touch Pro, I turned on the Garmin Mobile XT installed on my Touch Pro, and crossed my finger that I could get acquistion fix, fast. It didn’t disappoint me, thanks to the Quick GPS, as Garmin Mobile XT received the fix within a minute, and I manage to get my way to the hotel within 30 mins, with the usual familiar navigation guidance voice.

Touch Pro to my rescue again, thankfully.

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