Multi Lang Editor installation How-to

Re my quicky on multi lang editor development, I didn’t spend too much time with the multi-lang editor development so one had to roll up his/her sleeve just to make it work in his/her device.

1. First, make sure you have installed the alternative lang IME. The installation will default the alternative lang locale as default keyboard layout to be loaded in your device each time you soft-reset. Change the default value under hkcukeyboard layoutspreloaded to “e0010409” (or whatever locale that was originally preset in your device)

2. Next, verify the keyboard locale, go to registry hkcukeyboard layoutpreload
You should have two key underneath it, “1” and “2”. Make sure “1” is pointing to your original keyboard locale, e.g. e0010409. “2” should be pointing to your alternative locale, e.g. “e00b0409” or “e0010804”. In my example above, I installed Guobi (国笔) which uses locale “e00b0409”, if you use the qwerty software that was linked in the beginning of this thread, it should be “e0010804”.

Note: if your registry does not have the two key “1” and/or “2”, then create them accordingly, and make sure for each of the default value under “1” and “2” respectively, the locale string is found in hklmsystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrollayouts. Conversely, you must make sure that the default value under hkcukeyboard layoutpreload contains a valid locale, otherwise, it’ll render your hardware keyboard unusable, and you have to use SIP to revert to the right registry setting

3. Then download from the multi lang editor program from this link, copy to your device, and install the cab file.

4. You can then map a hardware key to this program, so that whenever you feel like entering Chinese text, you can open up this program, type whatever you want (if you want to insert English text, just toggle the keyboard layout accordingly), then click “Send SMS” if you want to send it as SMS, or simply click “ok” button which will copy the content into the system clipboard. You can then use MS word mobile, or any other editor, to paste the content into your application accordingly.

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