Adding Multi Keyboard Layout support in WINCE

In desktop Windows, you can add additional native language support, which enables you to toggle and choose different keyboard layouts real time, to enter text in different language.In  Windows CE, you can install more than one keyboard layout, but you can only use one layout until you modify the registry and soft-reset your phone to activate a different layout.

There’s a way to access all the installed keyboard layouts, without having to perform registry hack and soft-reset the phone. However, it is application-dependent to add this support. And no prize for guessing that Microsoft default applications are not designed to support multi-keyboard either.

So, I ended up creating another small utility, to basically allow text entry using multiple keyboard layout. The utility can transfer the entered text to messaging application, or copied to a word document using cut-and-paste technique.



 The program enables you to switch keyboard layout on the fly, so that you can type different language text  in the same text editor.If the “ok” button is clicked,  then the entered text will be copied into the clipboard, so you can choose to paste it in your favorite applications. Alternatively, if you are lazy like me, just hit the ‘Send SMS’ button, and the messaging application will pop up and the text will be filed in automatically.

12 thoughts on “Adding Multi Keyboard Layout support in WINCE

  1. conFuSed says:

    Will this work well on Samsung Sgh-i780 for typing and writing chinese (for both pin-ying and bi-hua) ? Any effects when using this? I have difficulty looking for one which can be used on my newly bought samsung sgh-i780. I would appreciate if you can advise.

  2. yes this is working fine on a i780 because I own a i780 😀

    But because I did not spend too much time on developing this utility program, there’s some prep works required on user end, before installation of the utility. I will post the instruction of the HOW-TO in my next blog,

    stay tuned!

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